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Hotel May Flower

At Vivaan Stays, we invite you to experience the diverse tapestry of Manali through our five distinct resorts. 'Vivaan The Sunrise Resort' cradles you with breathtaking vistas that dawn paints, while 'Katoch Grand' offers an indulgent stay nestled amidst nature's embrace. Relish the gastronomic excellence at 'JJ Resort', where every plate narrates a tale of Kullu's rich culinary traditions. For those seeking an opulent sojourn, 'Rock Manali' exemplifies luxury in every nook and corner. And if it's a blend of history and homeliness you yearn for, 'May Flower', our heritage gem, sits cozily in the very heart of Manali, whispering stories of times gone by. Discover the manifold enchantments of Manali, all under the proud wings of Vivaan Stays.